Sponsors (Over $10,000)

Giver of Hope
($1,000 sponsorship)

giver of love
($5,000 sponsorship)

giver of peace 
($10,000 sponsorship)

Ken & Shannon Bowen
Barry & Janice Hossler 
Roger & Edna Bley
Jerolene Shealy
John & Bonnie Boyd
Ray & Janice Hawthorne
Trampus & Janet Campbell
Joseph & Mary Crum
Kenny & Donna Young
Erin Atkins
Celestine Tugwell 

Sponsor (other amount)

David & Linda Sorrow
Richard & Cassandra Pressly
Patrick & Karen Pruitt
James & Lauri Pearman
McKinsey Craft
Faith McMann

The Church of the Resurrection     
VFW Auxiliary To Greenwood Post #8131
Greenwood CTY Veterans
Sam & Sandra Fleming
Thomson/Maslow Family 
Kennedy Garner 

Janice McMahan
Paige Hodges
James Wheeler
Linda Tyner
Laura Hall

sponors ($100)

sponors (monthly)

Linda Molyneux
Craig & Patricia Gagstetter
Clyde & Leslie McKaba
Alicia Mitchum
Jennifer Fleming
Jenny Seawright 
Karen Martin 


John & Lynette Jordan
Richard & Cassandra Pressly
Linda Autry

Kenny & Donna Young

If you have made a donation and your name is not listed, please email welcome2ourfarm@gmail.com. We want to make sure everyone is acknowledged for their donation.  We want to make sure everyone is properly entered into our donation tracking system to provide you with an end of the year statement for tax purposes. Thank you!