Renew HOpe Camps

Renew Hope Camps consist of four key components: Pro-generative Gardening, Creative Arts, Equine Interactions, and Nature Activities. Individuals of all ages are welcome to attend. Camps will be held throughout the year and are divided by age groups (see schedule below). 

Children, youth and adults learn about pro-generative farming techniques and enjoy hands-on experiences in the Gardening Module. 

The Equine Interactions Module allows campers of all ages to address deep places of personal healing by forging bonds with the horses.  

Unique creative arts opportunities provide campers with ways to express themselves in a positive atmosphere in the Creative Arts Module.

The Nature Module consists of a forested walking trail that runs along a natural stream at Our Farm. Campers can ponder upon the unspoiled setting and reflect on their place in the world. Many campers find the area peaceful and calming because the solitude around them.

UP-coming Renew Hope Camps

No Renew Hope Camps are schedule at this time. Please check back periodically for updates and ways to register for camp.