Meet OUR Horses....Their Stories matter

Boo: The Donkey

Boo is a standard donkey. Donkeys are very curious, intelligent, protective of their friends and sometimes a little mischievous. Boo's favorite pastimes are sneaking up behind his humans in the pasture, picking up buckets and other objects he finds with his teeth and shaking them up and down, getting scratches from humans and resting his head on Margaret's back. Boo's job has always been a pasture friend for other animals. Margaret is his favorite friend now, but he has also been friends with a wild mustang, a guinea hen and a dog.

Margaret: The Mini Horse

Margaret is a miniature horse. Miniature horses are very strong for their size and have been used to pull carts. They make great pets, but they should always be treated like a full-sized horse. When Margaret was young, she went into nursing homes to cheer up the residents. Then, she worked at Myrtle Beach on a pony ride carousel. This made her very tired, so she was given some time off before coming to live at OUR FARM. Margaret's favorite past times are eating as much grass as she can, getting scratches from humans, running zoomies, and being a diva.



They say dynamite comes in small packages. Harley is packed full of personality in a small pony. He has been great to work with, as he can be a challenge some days. Then other days he is very sweet and loving. He mirrors my emotions so well, helping me to see myself in a way I truly haven't before. To experience this kind connection is nothing short of amazing.

baby blue