Equine Interactions: Horses give you hope!

Our Farm's vision is to provide one-on-one Equine Interaction Sessions for all ages with our horses. We are still working on the infrastructure and staffing to make this a consistent part of OUR FARM. Please continue to visit our website as we post updates on these opportunities.  The residents of A Place for Us Ministries come weekly to participate in one-on-one sessions with one of our Equine/House Staff. Below are some pictures of the residents interacting with the horses. We also partnered with the Abbeville Chamber of Commerce in May 2024 to host an Ag-Art Tour Day. Below are some pictures with Robin and Jon demonstrating techniques used at OUR FARM for the Equine Interactions. You will also see a few pictures from our Pilot Renew Hope Camp in October 2023 of the children interacting with the volunteers and horses. 

Residents go weekly to interact with horses to work on self-regulation and emotional stability. 

Horse demos

Ag-Art Tour May 2024 Demos

Renew Hope Camp Equine INteractions October 2023