PHase 1

  • Completed. Closed on the purchase of the land and some equipment on Jan. 19, 2023
  • Because of generous donors and a large donation by an anonymous donor, we were able to put the farm in A Place for Us Ministries' name.
  • This allows us to move ahead with the infrastructure and plans for the Renew Hope Camps.

Phase 2

  • Pay off the remaining balance for the land and farming equipment that the owners are financing for a 2 year period

Phase 2a

To start the Renew Hope Camps,
the following must be completed:

  • Repair existing barn to accommodate
    the gardening needs
  • Build gardening beds
  • Install septic system
  • Install a well
  • Install a public restroom
  • Equine program
  • Fencing-being donated in April
  • Water troughs
  • Horse Sheds
  • Round pen-donated
  • Nature Trails

PHase 2b

  • Fruit & Berry orchard-planted fruit trees
  • Lavendar fields
  • Cabin Infrastructure

We envision 6-8 cabins nestled in the woods, where clients can stay for up to three weeks.

We envision glamping tents that can be rented by individuals for personal retreats, which can be an on-going income source for Our Farm.

PHase 2c

  • The Gathering
  • Training Center