Donations in Memory of Russell & Dianne Fleming by:
Sandra & Samuel Fleming           Trampus & Janet Campbell      Barry & Cecelia Joiner

On May 29, 2020 - Tammie Price found her friend of 35 years, Dianne Fleming, unresponsive. Dianne had left a "Do Not Resuscitate" note... GOD revived Dianne that day. However, on Nov. 11, 2020, we lost Dianne to suicide from starvation. Tammie wondered how God could ever use Dianne’s story for "good?"

Since Dianne’s death, we have seen that this was not an isolated incident; so many families have lost loved ones to suicide, especially during the covid pandemic.

Because of Dianne's story and many tragic stories like hers, we were led to create a healing farm called Our Farm, an extension of A Place for Us Ministries. This farm will help men, women, teens, and children with similar issues (including veterans, children with special needs, and those grieving the loss of a loved one) throughout Abbeville County, the Lakelands Community and beyond. 

To request that a donation be made in memory or honor of someone special and/or have a picture of your loved one posted with your donation, please complete the form below. Please email an electronic copy of your family member's picture, with their name and your name to Once your donation is verified, we will post their picture and any acknowledgement on this page. Please let us know after you submitted the information and donation, if you do not see it posted within 1 week of your submission. 

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In Memory of: Dorie Ann Nickell by John & Lynette Jordan

In Memory of: Amber Reeves by John & Bonnie Boyd

In Memory of: Chris Brown by Lesa & Grayson Jefferies

In Memory of: Marie Kidd Haynie
By Kay Johnson, Jami Steifle, Bob & Lou Glace, Southside Baptist Church, Joan & James Cann, Lorrie Leverette, Deannie McCord, Dole & Rebecca Kidd, Erin Atkins, Wilson & Cyndi Bruce, Jon & Nancy Creswell, Jan Harman, Larry & Romona Lange

In Honor of: Rose, Liz, Jeremy, & Zoe Adams 
by The Maslows

In Honor of: K. Brook Nicholson
by Peter J. Manning (The Manning Law Firm, PA)

In Honor of: Dr. Ed Norris (of Freeland, WA)


In Honor of : Nicholas, Lucy and Mark Homes by The Maslows
Nicholas and his grandfather pictured below

In Memory of: Gloria Zoe Thomson (12/5-6/2003)
Marc R. Thomson (09/05/1966-09/18/2017) 

In Honor of: Anna Ruth, Josiah and Jonathan Thomson

In Memory of: Marshall Wayne Turpin (tragically killed at 18 yo)

In Honor of: Rudolph Lee by The Maslows
(Vietnam Veteran) (PTSD)

In Memory of : Marion Banks (2/6/1938-12/27/2018) by the Maslows

In Honor of: Kenneth Brian Maslow; Barbara and Jimmy Maslow
(Brian was adopted) 

In Memory of: Patricia Thomson by Anna Ruth, Josiah & Jon