Consider donating any of the following supplies. You can complete the online form or call 864.229.4243. 

Supplies Needed: 

  • Bathroom (walls, insulation, ceiling, plumbing and electrical supplies)
  • Flooring (construction and installation for flooring; cement has been donated)
  • Supplies for raised gardening beds
  • Sand for round pen
  • Supplies for 10 acres of electrical fencing 
  • Supplies to build horse sheds
  • Water troughs 


Supplies donated so far: Thank YOU!

  • Robert & Cathryn Hartzog for the donation towards the concrete needed for barn flooring.
  • Wayne Overholt for land grading. 
  • Robin for the repurposed fencing (needs to be disassemble, transported and reassembled)
  • Westwood Cabins and Sheds for donations for gardening beds.
  • Park Seed Co for seed donations. 
  • To everyone who donated funds for the fruit trees!